Our Mission

To produceprocess and market food crops safely, reliably and profitably, and to contribute our quota to building and growing the nation’s food base through mechanization, sustainable agriculture and partnership with our stakeholders.


Our Vision


To Feed and enrich the nation one day at a time

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To grow and nuture the Earth for Nigeria's sustenance


To be a world-class agrobusiness, that strengthens and enriches the Nation

Our Process

At Pinewood we believe that Commercial farming can be done in a manner that maintains the integrity of the soil and environment. As a result we seek more sustainable solutions to nutritional, weed, pest and disease challenges we face. In the 2017 maize season, we chose to use Neem oil to successfully fight the army worm infestation rather than in-organic pesticides.

We consider crop rotation an integral part of our conservative and sustainable farming practices, and to that effect we employ crop rotation in our farm as part of our integrated pest, weed and nutrient management program. Through this we are able to maximize the land, and its soil nutrient generation potential. 

Pinewood does not employ an inhouse agronomist. Rather we retain agronomist as consultants to support each crop of choice. This gives the flexibility in choices of crops to produce in any farming season. We sell our crops via off-take agreements to big processing companies.

We are now experimenting with the use of covercrops in our fields. Working with our agronomist we successfully deployed the use of Mucuna and pueraria phaseoloides as cover crops for suppression of weeds. You can find more information in our blog - The PineWay.